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Unfortunately, running ShadowBlox and all our services costs money and requires lots of my time. We have to pay for Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Other Hosting, SSL Certificates, Marketing and much more. At the moment basically, our entire funding is coming personally from my pocket and obviously I have bills to pay meaning that funding is very limited. Providing more money for ShadowBlox will allow me to work my current job less which means I will have more free time to use developing new services for you! I would also love to hire some graphic designers and talented programmers so that I have a team resulting in new services becoming available faster. I have some awesome ideas in the works and cannot wait to launch them. If you use the ShadowBlox services, no matter how much or how little you donate, it will greatly be appreciated.

If you do not have the money to donate financially but would still like to support ShadowBlox and you feel you have valuable skills to offer please email

Thank you!

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