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    Hey Everyone!

    I hope you all had a great Thanks Giving. Here is my playlist for November 2018! There's no Christmas songs this month but there will be next month. I hope you enjoy :)

    The Links:

    Apple Music:

    The Songs Breakdown:

    1. Bull In the Heather - Sonic Youth - I don't think I've featured Sonic Youth yet and I do like them. This is one of my favourite songs by them so I featured it.
    2. Me and Michael - MGMT - Was jamming to this whole album (Little Dark Age) at the start of this month.
    3. Psycho Killer - Talking Heads - Was watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    4. Uptown Girl - Billy Joel - Who doesn't love this classic song?
    5. Get Free - Lana Del Rey - Because of how sexy and awesome her voice is.
    6. When You Die - Like I said, really got into MGMT this month so they get two songs on my playlist!
    7. The W.A.N.D - The Flaming Lips - Just go see this band live if you ever have the opportunity! Legit the coolest live performance I've ever seen!
    8. You're So Cool - Jonathan Bree - Found this guy earlier this month and thought his music was "So Cool" and needed to be shared.
    9. Cirice - Ghost - If you're angry listen to this!
    10. I Always Want To Die (Sometimes) - The 1975 -Okay this song is not out yet but I found a leak of the new album (Not saying I support leaks. Everyone go buy the album!). I felt that this was my favourite song as of now on the album. This may change. I'll update the playlists with this song when it is officially released.
    Please, as always, let me know what you think! I hope you enjoyed listening :)

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