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    Hey Everyone,

    As are web host provider messed up big time this month (Sorry about that), I am only just getting round to posting this months playlist. At least it's just in time right? I hope you all enjoy :)

    The Links:
    The Songs Breakdown:
    1. Scream - Against The Current - Met this band a couple of times and love their music. This is my favourite song from their new album.
    2. Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne - Throw Back!
    3. Time of the Season - The Zombies - My roommate was playing it a ton and therefore I kept getting it stuck in my head.
    4. The Scientist - Who doesn't love old Coldplay?
    5. Narcissist (feat. The 1975) - No Rome - Catchy and The 1975 are in it.
    6. One Hundred Years - The Cure - Been obsessed with The Cure lately.
    7. Food for Clouds - The Brian Jonestown Massacre - This band are super cool and this is the song from this band I played the most this month.
    8. Lazarus - Porcupine Tree - Realised I hadn't put and Porcupine Tree on any of the playlists yet and honestly that's a crime.
    9. A Forest - The Cure - Super cool sounding song!
    10. It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) - The 1975 - Because The 1975 are my favourite band and they released a new song.
    11. Video Killed The Radio Start - The Buggles - Got the 80s vibe from the 1975's new song and this is one of my favourite 80s songs.
    12. Sweet - Cigarettes After Sex - Wanted to slow things down and I love this guy!
    13. Cool Blue - The Japanese House - The Japanese House are cool!
    14. Blue - Marina and The Diamonds - Felt like we needed some Marina to end the playlist.
    I hope you enjoyed this playlist. Have a great Halloween :)

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