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    Hey Everybody!

    Happy Friday, I hope you are all doing well. Today I finally finished merging the main ShadowBlox website and SBMCServers together. SBMCServers can now be found at The old website address will continue to redirect here until the domain expires in several months. The advantage of this is everything is more easily accessible and all the ShadowBlox products can be found under one domain.

    I also went ahead and updated the Navigation Bar on the ShadowBlox website. There are currently 3 new tabs. They are "Server List", "Bukkit Plugins" and "Donate". As you might imagine, the Server List button will take you to the new location of SBMCServers. The Bukkit Plugins takes you to my Bukkit Dev page and the Donate button takes you to PayPal.

    I decided to add a Donate button for those of you who are financially able to donate and would like to fund ShadowBlox and my efforts. A donation is never required however it would certainly help me out and enable me to continue to produce great things. Thank you for your support!

    Whilst I am writing this post I want to address that I have received feedback about rehosting a ShadowBlox Minecraft Server. Although this seems like an awesome idea on paper, in reality unfortunately its chance of success is not high. Many of the ShadowBlox community no longer play Minecraft therefore, as from past experience, when I have tried to resetup a server it is popular for a few days and then basically is not used. Minecraft now has so many servers that it is very competitive trying to attract new players. Unless there really is a true long term demand for a ShadowBlox Minecraft server I figured that all of our efforts are best spent on trying to grow the ShadowBlox community but in areas that we are all interested in now. Maybe we could look into setting up some kind of server on a new game? Or maybe ShadowBlox clans on new games? Why tie ourselves to Mincraft if we don't play the game anymore? Please provide me feedback on what you think here. Just to clarify, I am not against setting up a ShadowBlox Minecraft server, I just don't think there's actually a true long term demand for it and consequently our efforts would be best spent elsewhere?

    Thank you for reading!

    Please let me know what feedback you have.

    Have a great weekend!

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